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Naomi Campbell’s Open-Air Kenyan Oasis

Naomi Campbell told “Architectural Digest” that this is where she comes to completely unwind from her busy schedule. The breathtaking villa in Malindi, Kenya features an open-air design, which is perfect for its location near the Indian Ocean. Campbell fell in love with Malindi during her first visit during the 90s and for the past 20 years, she’s used this tranquil property to retreat from her busy live traveling between New York and London. Continue on for more photos of Naomi Campbell’s luxurious East African retreat.


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A Real Flying Car

It’s possible that after years of sci-fi movies portraying a future world filled with flying cars, it may soon become a reality. Slovakian tech company Klein Vision designed the AirCar — a dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle and it has just taken its first flight. The AirCar prototype flew from Nitra, Slovakia to Bratislava, a 35-minute flight. After landing, it turned into a sleek sports car with the touch of a button and Stefan Klein, CEO of Klein Vision, drove it straight off the tarmac and onto the highway. Check out the awesome photos from this futuristic vehicle’s maiden flight and its transformation into a car.