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Hottest New Sneaker Releases | 7/31/2021 - 8/13/2021

In the sneaker world, the release cycle never really stops. No matter what time of year, there’s always a highly anticipated or nostalgia-invoking shoe about to hit the shelves. Continue on for photos of the hottest upcoming releases:

 ## Parra x Nike SB Dunk Low - Abstract Art| Nike PG 5 - Multicolor ## Nike Air Max 2021 | New Balance Vision Racer - Trippy Summer ## Reebok Question Mid - USA | Jordan Air NFH Rattan ## Air Jordan 1 Low SNKRS Day | Travis Scott x fragment Air Jordan 1 Low


A Real Flying Car

It’s possible that after years of sci-fi movies portraying a future world filled with flying cars, it may soon become a reality. Slovakian tech company Klein Vision designed the AirCar — a dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle and it has just taken its first flight. The AirCar prototype flew from Nitra, Slovakia to Bratislava, a 35-minute flight. After landing, it turned into a sleek sports car with the touch of a button and Stefan Klein, CEO of Klein Vision, drove it straight off the tarmac and onto the highway. Check out the awesome photos from this futuristic vehicle’s maiden flight and its transformation into a car.


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Artist Uses Fallen Leaves to Paint Quirky Watercolor Illustrations

For this interesting art project artist, illustrator and storyteller Allen Shaw used a combination of photography and watercolor paints. Using photographs of various fall-colored leaves, Shaw carefully paints these illustrations so that they blend together seamlessly. Continue on for more of this unique art project and make sure to follow Allen Shaw on Instagram at @theolddrifter for more of his interesting illustrations.


Madonna Bought The Weeknd’s $19 Million Hidden Hills Palace

Madonna scored this amazing, 14,000-square-foot, hillside mansion in 2021 from another international pop star, The Weeknd. He purchased the home for just over $18 million when it was built in 2017, and Madonna paid just about $1 million more to buy it from him – that’s quite a steal. We’re sure she’ll get her use out of all the amenities added by The Weeknd, which include a jaw-dropping neon-lit five-car garage, a home theater, a regulation basketball court, a pool and a guest house. Check out the photos of Madonna’s new pad, which sits on just under three acres of lush, green land.