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A Photographer’s Ode to Red Hair

Scottish photographer Kieran Dodds traveled the globe for seven years in search of folks with ginger hair such as himself. His hard work resulted in his book, “Gingers.” According to Dodds, the book serves as a reminder that all humans are made the same – the people featured in his photo series were from many different areas in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Continue on for a look at Kieran Dodds’ striking portraits of gingers from around the world - and make sure to follow him on Instagram at @kierandodds.


These Intimate Wildlife Photographs are Gorgeous

Finnish photographer Kaisa Lappalainen may be an incredible photographer, but her background was actually in economics and graphic design. While traveling extensively during college, Lappalainen discovered she was more interested in places where she could photograph nature than her standard city lifestyle. She is now a Sony ambassador and now also leads tours and safaris around the world. Check out some of her best wildlife photos and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram at @kaisalappalainen for more of her incredible work.


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A Real Flying Car

It’s possible that after years of sci-fi movies portraying a future world filled with flying cars, it may soon become a reality. Slovakian tech company Klein Vision designed the AirCar — a dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle and it has just taken its first flight. The AirCar prototype flew from Nitra, Slovakia to Bratislava, a 35-minute flight. After landing, it turned into a sleek sports car with the touch of a button and Stefan Klein, CEO of Klein Vision, drove it straight off the tarmac and onto the highway. Check out the awesome photos from this futuristic vehicle’s maiden flight and its transformation into a car.


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Artist Uses Fallen Leaves to Paint Quirky Watercolor Illustrations

For this interesting art project artist, illustrator and storyteller Allen Shaw used a combination of photography and watercolor paints. Using photographs of various fall-colored leaves, Shaw carefully paints these illustrations so that they blend together seamlessly. Continue on for more of this unique art project and make sure to follow Allen Shaw on Instagram at @theolddrifter for more of his interesting illustrations.


Shaquille O’Neal’s $22 Million Orlando Paradise

The three-time NBA Finals MVP purchased this ridiculously huge 31,000-square-foot mansion back in 1993, and it’s now on the market for an ambitious $22 million. After 25 years, O’Neal left the Windermere, Florida residence behind for some new digs outside Atlanta — he likely wanted to be closer to TNT’s studios where he works as an analyst on “Inside the NBA.” This sprawling Florida residence sits on Lake Butler and was customized to all of O’Neal’s exact specifications. Swipe over to enter the Big Diesel’s fully-outfitted compound.