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Will Smith Brings the Fresh Prince’s Mansion to Airbnb

Will Smith and Airbnb offered up the chance to stay in the iconic mansion from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in 2020. A limited number of visitors had the opportunity to reserve the popular TV show home for what Will and Airbnb called, “a socially-distanced staycation.” Guests had access to their own wing of the home, which was complete with a full bathroom, a swimming pool and an outdoor lounge. Additional perks included a set of turntables, a bedroom basketball court, access to the Fresh Prince’s wardrobe and meals served on silver platters. Check out photos of Airbnb's awesome recreation of the Banks' mansion from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."


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The Blue Dragon that Lives in the Ocean

Off the coast of Australia, you may find unusual marine life. The blue dragon, aptly named because of its vibrant blue color and dramatic fins, is a sea slug that’s rather elusive due to its minuscule stature. The creature may be tiny, but its sting packs quite the punch, so you’re better off looking but not touching. Shockingly, the primary prey for these tiny critters is the Portuguese man o’ war — whose tentacles can reach up to 30 feet long. Check out this extraordinary creature of the deep.